Unbox Netgear R6400 & evaluation comparison R6700 R6220

Netgear R6400, a hybrid between R6300v2 and R7000, the R6300V2 is configured in the R7000 enclosure, the antenna is not removable. It is not always suspected that the built-in antenna of the R6300v2 is not strong, so the NETGEAR has released the R6300v2 version of this external antenna. However, the motherboard is quite different from the R6300v2, […]

About the difference and relationship between NETGEAR R6900 and R7000

Recently, the koolshare forum engaged in the Netgear R6900 router group purchase activity, and the price is quite tempting, only 498, the price is very high, so many people bought it, and the attention is also high. What is the difference between the NETGEAR R6900 and the NETGEAR R7000? Which is better? After all, the difference between […]

NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk variable R6900?

Netgear R6700 is not listed in China, it is not licensed. There are sells on the top of the United States, or Sham Shui Po also sells, and there are also bare boards of foreign garbage. I bought bare boards and bought them for 238 yuan. The R6700, 6900, and R7000 have subtle relationships, and the difference […]

ASUS AC66U B1 and ACRH17 router Reviewed

ASUS’s new router ACRH17, the price is similar to AC66U B1, the wireless speed is similar, ACRH17 is 1700M, AC66U B1 is 1750M. Some friends will tangled between the two, so I have this test. Let’s talk about the hardware configuration of both of them. ACRH17, IPQ4019+QCA9984+256MB memory, CPU is quad-core 717m, including 2.4G chip, 2x2mimo 400Mbps, […]

ASUS RT-ACRH17 Wireless Router Reviewed

ASUS RT-ACRH17 1700M, which is marked with 1700M, of which “17” should mean 1700M. The product’s outer box also indicates the total speed of 1700M. This ASUS ACRH17 is a bit like the NETGEAR R6800. It hides the real wireless speed and staggers its competition with other models. The 5G rate of ACRH17 is actually 1733m, which […]

Phicomm K2P vs ASUS AC86U wireless Reviewed

How much is the K2P of Fiji, shouldn’t it be compared with the new AC86U from Asus? K2P is only 0 yuan to buy, AC86U is worth a thousand dollars. Anyway, if you have it, just use it to compare it. The hardware is quite different. The CPU of the Ac86U can be dual-core 1.8G and the […]

ASUS AC66U B1 Reviewed

This ASUS AC66U B1, which came out in 2016, has a big upgrade with the older generation of AC66U, including CPU and 2.4G wireless chip, CPU upgrade to BCM4708C0, frequency 1GHz, which is more than AC68U CPU It is also 200MHz higher; 2.4G wireless chip uses the same wireless chip as 5G: BCM4360, which makes […]

ASUS AiMesh roaming effect evaluation

Checked ASUS official website, the definition of ASUS AiMesh is this: ASUS wireless routers are designed for greater Wi-Fi coverage. In general, an ASUS wireless router provides a smooth, reliable Wi-Fi network for every corner of the home. However, Wi-Fi coverage can be affected by many factors, such as: room configuration, building materials, and even furnishings! If […]

NETGEAR R8500 review, 5G runs above gigabit?

In 2017, I bought the NETGEAR R8500 at 11 o’clock. I have been trying to get a comprehensive evaluation of this tri-band wireless router. I want to think about it until now. If the warranty period is one year, it is overwritten. Fortunately, the warranty period is 2 years and the origin is China. I don’t know if […]