NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk variable R6900?

Netgear R6700 is not listed in China, it is not licensed. There are sells on the top of the United States, or Sham Shui Po also sells, and there are also bare boards of foreign garbage. I bought bare boards and bought them for 238 yuan. The R6700, 6900, and R7000 have subtle relationships, and the difference is small. I think the difference is very small.


R7000 removes a USB2.0 and becomes the R6900. The R6900’s 2.4G rate is reduced to 450M and it becomes the R6700. CPU + RAM + ROM + shell + power + antenna + circuit board, exactly the same.

NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 Dual Band Smart WiFi Route

Recently, there was a new product, ASUS RT-AC66U B1. After brushing the Merlin firmware, the 2.4G 450M was unsealed and became a 600M speed. In fact, ASUS officially sealed a function “Turbo QAM” from the system. It is to open the QAM-256 modulation mode. It can make 2.4G 150M become 200M speed, 3X3 MIMO is 600M.

(Note: 256-QAM requires both transceivers to support it.)

Merlin firmware, there is a Turbo QAM option in the 2.4G wireless professional settings, this is turned on by default.

After the NETGEAR R6700 brushed Merlin, it used 2.4G wireless relay with the R7000. See the 600M connection rate in the R7000. Prove that it is already running in 256-QAM modulation mode. If you think it is an illusion, then take a look at the speed:


As seen from the above figure, at the 2.4G 600Mbps connection rate, the downlink speed has reached 53.9MB/s, and the uplink is 39.7MB/s, which is equal to the speed of 5G ac 866m. (2 routers are in the same room). When the black apple BCM94360 is used to connect to the 2.4G of the R6700, the rate is 288M (20M bandwidth, 256-QAM).

Therefore, the R6700 is the R6900, but the 256-QAM modulation mode is confined under the official website firmware. When the R6700 brushes the Merlin firmware, it is released. Just like the case of the ASUS AC66U B1.

Unpacking the shield on the R6700 wireless chip shows that it is a wireless chip of two BCM4360s. It is the same as the R7000 and R6900. (R6400 and R6300V are a BMC4360 and a BCM4331)

The R6700 bare board is assembled.

The R6700 motherboard has one USB 2.0 port less than the R7000.

A photo of the R7000 and R6700. 2 except the U mouth. There is no difference.

NETGEAR R6700 Brush Merlin Tutorial:

R6700 brush Merlin is also quite simple, just need to make a transition from the official firmware of the netware to a R6700 DD: dd-wrt.K3_R6700_3.chk

Download link Password: cqfg

Then you can brush the transition version of R7000 to Merlin: R7000_378.52_2.chk

Download link: Password: vv1x

After that you can brush Merlin 6.5 6.61 7.0 7.2 these.

Brushing back to the original factory is also a transition with R7000: Merling-R7000-back-to-ofw.trx

Personally think that the 5.6 version is the most stable R7000_378.56_alpha2-X5.6.trx

Download address: link: password: y9p3

Finally, the attached R6700 is under Merlin 7.0, and the USB3.0 speed after USB3.0 anti-jamming is turned off.

The USB3.0 read speed of the BCM4709 is not as high as the MT7621 dual core, but the write speed is more than 10 MB higher than the 7621.


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