NETGEAR R8000P vs ASUS AC86U Reviewed

The hardware of NETGEAR R8000P is similar to that of ASUS AC86U. The CPU is BCM4906 dual-core 1.8G. The high-frequency CPU directly benefits the USB3.0 read/write speed. The R8000P uses three BCM4365E wireless chips, which are used by the ASUS AC86U. G chip, BCM4365E is 3x3mimo, because it supports 1024-QAM, so 2.4G rate is up […]

Tenda MW6 disassemble, Mesh WiFi System

I do not know why the small router, looking for the whole network did not find the teardown map of Tenda mw6 Mesh, only buy it to open it.┬áBut before disassembling, I already have a lot of thoughts on the chip!┬áBefore testing ASUS AIMESS, I also need to find a reference object, so I bought […]