Phicomm K2P vs ASUS AC86U wireless Reviewed

How much is the K2P of Fiji, shouldn’t it be compared with the new AC86U from Asus? K2P is only 0 yuan to buy, AC86U is worth a thousand dollars.

Anyway, if you have it, just use it to compare it. The hardware is quite different. The CPU of the Ac86U can be dual-core 1.8G and the memory is 512MB. The K2P is just a dual-core 880m with 128MB of memory. The wireless aspect is much worse. The AC86U’s 2.4G is 3x3mimo, the 5G is 4x4mimo, and the K2P is just the usual 2x2mimo. However, for all mobile phone brand models on the market, 2x2mimo is just enough to satisfy, and 2.4G is faster than many routers, because K2P supports 256-QAM standard, of course AC86U can support higher 1024- QAM, but our mobile phone did not support this system. Even the more expensive laptops are more 2x2mimo wireless cards. Therefore, K2P can satisfy the vast majority of wireless products.

For example, I use the garbage mobile phone millet 5. The wifi connecting AC86U and K2P is the same rate. Of course, the pursuit of higher performance, more features, buy AC86U is right.

Just choose the right one according to your needs.

Test the wireless signal, the floor plan is as follows. This is the old picture. Every test article must have it.

Both K2P and AC86U are placed in the WIFI position, and the four positions A, B, C, and D are tested.

The wireless card tested was intel8265ac.

Test the wifi signal strength as follows:

The position of point A at a close distance, the 2.4G signal is stronger than the K2P of the AC86U, and the K2P of the 5G signal side is stronger than the AC86U.

B point position, a little weird. The signals are very close.

From the C position 10 meters away, the 2.4G signal is a little different, the Phicomm K2P is obviously stronger, and the 5G signal is not much different.

The D position is downstairs, the 2.4G signal is stronger than the AC86U, and the 5G is not much different.

The signal strength is not unique. The final requirement is the speed of the Internet. Therefore, the speed test of the mobile phone is used for speed measurement. Broadband is 100m for telecommunications. Each signal is measured 6 times per position, and finally its mean value is taken as a parameter.

The test network speed results are as follows:

The results show that the three speeds of A, B and C under the same floor are similar. At the D point downstairs, the 2.4G of the two is similar, that is, the 5G network speed is significantly faster than the AC86U. This shows that the AC86U’s 5G signal quality is better. Of course, the price can be thousands of dollars.

AC86U is suitable for high-end users, with high-performance wireless receiving equipment, such as wireless network card above 3x3mimo, requires high-speed USB shared storage, has more mu-mimo equipment, and has requirements for QOS. . and many more.

If you only need to use the mobile phone or the home network TV box to simply access the Internet, then Phicomm K2P is very good. The point is that K2P costs are very low.

Choosing the router that suits you is more important than choosing what others think is good.


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