About the difference and relationship between NETGEAR R6900 and R7000

Recently, the koolshare forum engaged in the Netgear R6900 router group purchase activity, and the price is quite tempting, only 498, the price is very high, so many people bought it, and the attention is also high.

What is the difference between the NETGEAR R6900 and the NETGEAR R7000? Which is better? After all, the difference between the two is more than 100 yuan. In fact, only a USB2.0 interface is missing. The other is the same, but maybe some people insist on the difference is not only the USB port, 12V power supply is less capacitive inductance, memory is not Samsung brand, think more. The same model of the R7000, the materials also have these differences. R6700, R6900, R7000 are the same CPU BCM4709A dual-core 1G, the same memory and flash size, the same wireless chip: BCM94360x2, one is responsible for 2.4G, one is responsible for 5G, because it is 2.4G controlled by BCM94360, so it can support 256- QAM allows 2.4G per space to flow at 40Mhz bandwidth, supports up to 200Mbps, and 3x3mimo achieves the highest 600Mbps wireless connection rate (required for receiving devices). Needless to say, 5G is 433mx3 with a maximum connection speed of 1333Mbps.

The picture below is the motherboard of the R7000

NETGEAR (netgear) R6700 variable NETGEAR R6900 router

R6700 brush DD transition can directly brush R7000 Merlin, the same R6900 as long as the brush firmware “R6900_380.57_alpha3-X6.2-TEST”, you can also directly brush R7000 Merlin.

Some people may say that as long as less than 500, you can buy a Fibonacci K3 on the idle fish, the hardware configuration is more powerful, and the wireless signal is stronger. That’s right, but the functionality in Fiji’s firmware is too little and too little. K3 is more risky to brush third-party firmware.

Even if the R6900 router does not have a group purchase activity, it is a good choice to return to the usual price of 600 yuan. Not many people need to use the USB interface on the router. Moreover, the R6900 also has a USB 3.0 interface.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router – Dual Band Gigabit (R6900-100NAS)

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