Phicomm K2P vs ASUS AC86U wireless Reviewed

How much is the K2P of Fiji, shouldn’t it be compared with the new AC86U from Asus? K2P is only 0 yuan to buy, AC86U is worth a thousand dollars. Anyway, if you have it, just use it to compare it. The hardware is quite different. The CPU of the Ac86U can be dual-core 1.8G and the […]

ASUS AC66U B1 Reviewed

This ASUS AC66U B1, which came out in 2016, has a big upgrade with the older generation of AC66U, including CPU and 2.4G wireless chip, CPU upgrade to BCM4708C0, frequency 1GHz, which is more than AC68U CPU It is also 200MHz higher; 2.4G wireless chip uses the same wireless chip as 5G: BCM4360, which makes […]

ASUS AiMesh roaming effect evaluation

Checked ASUS official website, the definition of ASUS AiMesh is this: ASUS wireless routers are designed for greater Wi-Fi coverage. In general, an ASUS wireless router provides a smooth, reliable Wi-Fi network for every corner of the home. However, Wi-Fi coverage can be affected by many factors, such as: room configuration, building materials, and even furnishings! If […]

NETGEAR R8500 review, 5G runs above gigabit?

In 2017, I bought the NETGEAR R8500 at 11 o’clock. I have been trying to get a comprehensive evaluation of this tri-band wireless router. I want to think about it until now. If the warranty period is one year, it is overwritten. Fortunately, the warranty period is 2 years and the origin is China. I don’t know if […]

NETGEAR EX7500 Reviewed

NETGEAR EX7500 is a three-frequency wireless extender, 2x2mimo, the total rate is AC2200M, three frequencies inside there are two 5G, are 867Mbps rate, plus 2.4G 400Mbps, is AC2200M. One of the 5 G is specifically used for wireless bridging use, there is a 5G can “peace of mind” emission signal for the use of receiving […]

ASUS AC86U wireless router Reviewed

There are two wireless chips, one is bcm4365e is responsible for 2.4G, the other is bcm4366e, responsible for 5G. With regard to this code e, it may be a castration version, or it may be an optimized version. Support Mu-mimo, but also support 1024-QAM, without the slightest reduction. And bcm4365e, is 3x3mimo’s solution, also supports […]

ASUS AC86U NETGEAR R7800 and R6800 MU-MIMO Reviewed

This test is one of the most time-consuming and energy-intensive ones. It took nearly a month, resulting in less time for replying messages and public accounts, and the article update was interrupted. It can’t do other evaluation mentality when it is done. In the test process, several wireless network cards have also been purchased. With […]